Mutasem says “It is merely five seconds that you have to make a decision. Before that you can’t tell if the missile is heading your way or somewhere else.” Mutasem was at the Gaza Power Plant when it was hit by Israeli strikes. He could not leave. And ten missiles were making their way through Gaza’s clear skies. He could see them, but he could not tell if they were directed at their building, other buildings, or the generator. Luckily, they were all aimed at finishing off the power generator making sure that Gaza would rely completely on Israeli electricity.
“It was the final standing project of Palestinian sovereignty.” Now the Palestinians in Gaza get electricity from Israel, enough for less than 30% of their daily consumption, so the ingenious rationing system, each house gets 8 hours of power everyday.
To me the attacks on bridges, fields, the airport, private workshops are all part of a long Kristallnacht, which still continues.
At least the Nazis had the courtesy to leave their uniforms home that night. The Israelis took pride in their power, went on their rampage dressed in green, armed to their teeth.


Osaid Rasheed said...

and their spokesman announces : we have successfully desatroyed some of the TERROR bases in the west bank and gaza..
All the targets that were destroyed were used to install attacks on israeli citizins !!!!

no doubt, the electricity, water, bridges, soil, and the air are being used to attack israel..

good posts man !
good day

Ned said...

Thanks Osaid,
I have seen your blog, fascinating discussion is going on in the comments section.
These zionists can never be expected to even think about why they support Israel. Blind love for the Devil.