Noise and shouting, people running and a loud speaker. I ask, "did the sharmoota arrive yet?" apparently Condi is here. My office is a mere 100 meters of the presidential complex in Ramallah and people are all around the complex to protest the visit by the American Secretary of State.
The Force 17 soldiers start running after a group of people. Their Commander calls them back, they still refuse to obey. It is the first time I have seen a soldier disobeying a superior. I thought even in a country like ours this should not happen. But again in a place where institutions are so loosely existing, just as a skeleton, you can't expect much. None of the existing institutions can fulfill the functions it has been created for.

Anyway. So that Condi, is here, and I have no idea if she wants to achieve anything by her visit, but suddenly the whole idea of an American mediator takes on a surreal look. Aren't they the same people who just speeded up the shipment of cruise missiles to Israel in order to meet the demands for its new war in lebanon?

Akram says he watched on BBC, a "progressive" guy calling the bombing of two Lebanese Red Cross vehicles as "potential war crime". Potential should mean, in this context, that the bombing is a war crime, only if another country is in question, other than Israel.

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