Did I Forget to mention the Nasrallah song? Well, during the wedding, towards the end, the DJ had a "patriotic fit". He played the famous Nasrallah song, Hala ya saqer lebnan, Hala Hasan Nasarallah. "Hello Lebanon's Hawk, Hello Hassan Nasrallah."
I remember a time, whe weddings were a mixture of old traditional songs, and patriotic songs. during the early years of the first Intifada, weddings were more of an obligation than a celebration. no loud music, because there is definitely someone who was being mourned in the neighbourhood. The music was usually from the "Dola"(State) Album, or Nzilna a Shaware' Rafana Irayat. "We took down to the streets, we raised our flags, we sang for our country, the most beautiful of songs."
and then ofcourse there was Wein il-malayeen, for Julia Botrous. and the many Feiruz songs about Palestine.
There was also, in these weddings, the Wein A Ramallah, Ya Zareefa Tul among many others.

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