Israel In Deep Shit

Calls for a full cessation of hostilities based upon, in particular, the immediate cessation by Hizbollah of all attacks and the immediate cessation by Israel of all offensive military operations;
Draft UN resolution
So Israel is really in trouble, Look at the situation. Despite its bullying attitude, sending warships up to Lebanon, massacres every other day, bombing even in the north... Israel is suffering one humiliating attack after the other.
Despite the fact that Hizbullah is attacking Haifa and other towns, most of Israel's casualities are in their Armed Forces. While on the Lebanese sides, only civilians are attacked.
Despite that, the wording of the Council's resolution, reflect a totally different balance of power. Hizbullah is to cease all attacks. Israel is to cease offensive military operations. So if Israel sees for example that attacking a house in Tyre, bombing a TV station in Beirut's Souther Suburb, or a raid on a UN complex somewhere north of the Blue Line, as a necessity to protect its borders it can so willingly do so. It is not as if Israel runs out of excuses.... And it is not as if it has not been doing so already.
SO they also call for the release of the two soldiers, and are merely "mindful" of the "sensitivity" of the issue of Lebanese prisoners in Israel. What a screwed up world this is. So some of these guys have spent more than a quarter of a century in Israel's prisons, and the world is only mindful of the sensitivity of their situation, while the matter of two soldiers in custody for few weeks gets the whole world up in arms against Lebanon?
Also, an arms embargo on Lebanon. Since we are at it, why not an arms embargo on Israel too. God forbid that anyone should mention that!


Anonymous said...

Bush constantly complains about Syria and Iran supplying weapons to Hezbollah.
What about the US supplying weapons (modern ones at that) to Israel?
"My God is right" attitudes will divide this world!
Muslims and Christians have to learn to work together!
They both have the same God!
The difference is that the Christian God is even more diverse than the Muslim God. There are more sects in the Christian faith than the Muslim faith which causes fewer Christians supporting Bush and more Muslims supporting Hezbollah.
Go figure!

Ned said...

It is not an issue of religion. I don't see the connection. God has nothing to do with how we chose to behave.
It is not only Muslims and Christians that should be united against such injustices, but rather the whole world. this is a cause for everyone, and probably atheists believe have more to do with it than believers.

Anonymous said...

What is more disturbing is that tha Israeli planes fly on arab oil, Israeli tanks move on Arab oil...

Ned said...

if that was not sad, i would have been funny.

Anonymous said...

Foriegners, mostly western, always make the mistake of thinking that this crisis has to do with religion when it goes much deeper than that. Also, they fail to know that in Lebanon and Palestine there are christians too and in Palestine there are even jews, while they are a small minority in Nablus but they are Palestinian jews and treated as Palestinians. The issue is not religion, the issue is that there is an aggressor and occupier that will not let us be.

Also, the US needs to create a new enemy to be able to function for some reason. At one time it was the "communists" now its just simply terrorists which could be anybody but mostly muslim. I dont see how they can define terrorism, I mean if I have a modern tank and modern military equipment and bomb civilians then its not terrorism its something else, how can that be true?

M. Simon said...

Syria and Iran are in deep shit:

A look at the future

Tactics, Strategy, Grand Strategy

The coming fall of the Syrian regime at: Syria Has a Problem. Its days are numbered. Sixty to ninety days. Possibly less.

Anonymous said...

Wishful thinking on steroids up to a level of full delirium. Syria will fall, wow. Sure. As did Vietnam.

I can't even see a sign of Hezbollah being controlled! The most powerfull army in the ME is stuck fighting against a bunch of guerrillas who send 150 rockets over the fence each and every day, even the day the Iraeli prime minister says they are finished and to compensate bombs civilians and Lebanese infrastructures. Remember two days ago?: A historic feat of the IDF,-or the Tsahal or whatever- they killed 30 and injured 40 ultradangerous terrorist who were loading a truck with their secret weapons: Fruits and vegetables. I am sure they were planning to throw them up to the F-18 and the Apaches, so they fully deserved what happenned to them.

Syria's population is 20,000,000. They lodged 400.000 Palestinians in more difficult times without winking. Don't be ridiculous.

Dana Shalash said...

I just love this blog.. I really do. I'm so glad to find more and more Palestinian bloggers especially from here, Ramallah. I also love the way you think, although I haven't really been through the whole posts yet! But, I'll do inshallah soon.

Anonymous said...

I hope you understand that Israel needs about 2 days to completely wipe Lebanon off the map. The only reason they are not doing it is because they are human being (unlike Hezbollah). And all those stories about 60 people dying in one bombing by the IDF (which happened to be one of the strongest forces in the world) are staged by Hezbollah who are running a propaganda war so that all of us here in North America go on their side. These are terrorists and they must me destroyed before they destroy us. They are going for Israel now, because they are closer, but give them time and they will be coming for us just like Al-Qaeda and Iran. These kinds of people give a bad name to the Muslim world, which I believe has so many great figures who should be looked up to rather than hated because of these terrorists! And even though people deny it, here in New York people don’t have the same respect for some people who are Muslim as they had for them before 9/11 which is really a shame!

Anonymous said...

US is not supplying weapons to Israel or money for that matter, Israel pays for anything it gets from the US government! The only reason the US is even on Israel’s side is because they are fighting the same war and because 6 million Jews live in the US and the government doesn’t want them to be upset because they are the ones keeping US economy up