sorry, but I need to know.
What are the rights of Christians and Jews in Saudi Arabia?
If it is a matter of human rights then the field is very wide indeed and the puzzle has many pieces.
Or are Jews the only violators?

So, says one of my comentators regarding my previous post. I find it an idiotic question simply because the answer is so clear. Human rights are sacred and should be protected everywhere, Saudi Arabia, US, Burma, China, Iraq, Zimbabwei.... the list goes on and on and on... I don't think Amnesty's annual report misses a single country.
However, we do not benchmark ourselves with other violators... it is not proper to say... "we will beat the Saudis and record more violations!"
Yes, Saudi Arabia is not protecting Human rights- but that's totally irrelevant to my theme. My theme is that Israel is managing a police state, just like many other states in the region.
It is actually refreshing to see Israel's supporters comparing themselves with the Saudis or the Sudanese. Because it shows that this is is their standard.
In my opinion, their standard is even worse. Because in Saudi Arabia everybody's human rights are violated equally- in Arabic we say "ma hada ahsan min hada", all the same. However, in Israel, You get two tiers, the Israel Jews whose rights are protected, and the Goyim Palestinians, who, by mistake, still live on this land.
So my advice to all Israel entusiasts out there, save your justifications for Israel's attorcities and oppression. These are unjustifiable- like anywhere else in the world.
The reason why I come out strongly against Israel and not against Saudi Arabia or Burma is because these countries get their fair share from the US and elsewhere in the West. But who dares to speak of Israel badly. Someone has to, why not me?
Besides, I am witnessing these violations first hand. I am subjected to them. it is because of these violations that I can't visit my birthplace, travel to my village or live in normal conditions like anyone else in the world. I can tell people of what I see, and what happens to me and my friends. Exactly what happens. and if you read closely, you will find that I can be just as critical of things happening in Palestine as I am of what Israel did and continues to do. You will find that my arguments are justifiable and stated. However, when these zionists come out to speak against them.... how do they defend Israel? by saying that I am " Another idiot wanting a judenrein Middle East." and "Just another Palestinian loser." I wished you zionists had a more insightful argument to which i can respond. but that's allright, what can i expect from you when you believe that the God of the whole universe, chose 13 million out of 7 billion, to be his chosen people, and you take that as an excuse to kill and oppress. This is the kind of mentality i have to deal with. Ah, I have something that would interest you- check the link on the side for My Case Against Israel.


Anonymous said...

hey fucker how come you haven't written for the whole bloody week? don't you have guts to scribble about your favourite subjects?

Ned said...

it is a pleasure to see your idiotic comments.
Thanks for wondering, but I am on vacation and can't get frequent access to the internet.
I will be comming back with more stories.... soon

From Canada said...

There are some poeple out there who understand. Who still appreciate human right. Who still are not blind by media and POWER. I am writing for you from Canada. Israel will leave a very ugly name of itself like Hitler and Nazzi... The world will see, history will be written

Anonymous said...

you should be greatfull for my idiotic comments otherwise you would have hardly any at all unless you consider ''from canada'' worthwhile any attention