It has been a while since I criticised Palestinians, hasn't it? but the thing is the Israelis have been doing enough to keep me going. I would like to give them a break here, because afterall my intention from this blog is not to go on criticising the Israelis only, for we too have a huge role to play, and the ammount of mistakes we make really makes it harder for us to achieve our goal.
Hamas on the one hand, continues to present itself as the most incompetent political party I have ever seen reaching power.
Their spokespersons continue to announce, that 1. They will continue to lead the government, 2. They can't offer any solution to the current crisis.
To do them justice, the current crisis is really out of their hand. The Israeli-American-European economic sanctions have brought the economy to its knees. But the thought of 42 more months of these sanctions would drive us insane.
Hamas is being offered the opportunity of a life time, Blair has conceded, and the EU hinted at it, that the 'international community' would be willing to deal with a coalition government in which Hamas participates.
Hamas' continued ignorance would cost us many more months before chaos would oust Hamas. We can only hope that this would not be done violently.
Fateh on the other hand, is leading the public sector strike. The employees' actions are fully justified afterall, I doubt that it ever happened that 120,000 civil servants have remained with no salaries for more than six months. However, Fateh uses as a card against Hamas. Which really puts any negotiations on a coalition government at a deadlock.

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Terry Scott said...

Your sentiments are appreciated and harken to our "why didn't we accept the 1948 Partition Plan..." Let the full text of these concessions be spelled out because otherwise its just another smokescreen to lay blame on the Palestinians for not accepting an unacceptable settlement. I myself am not aware about what "recognizing Israel" entails and how that affects UN Resolutions 242 and 338. This is why I am an armchair pundit and not a politician...