Stay with AlJazeera
Today at noon GMT Aljazeera International launched its official broadcast. This could have been like anything other event where a new TV channel is launched. However, there are many issues that make this into a historic event. Primarily, this is going to be the first (and thus far, only) international news channel that is based in the South. It will compete with the mainstream news channels of FoxNews, BBC and CNN to provide information to a worldwide audience. Finally, news about the people of the South will be delivered by these people, we will no longer wait for the west to feed us and itself with information about us. Or so we hope will happen.
The first reaction from my family was "it looks too western". That is definitely true, the Queen's English has found its way to every programme I have watched. Its staff, though, seems more international. This does not constitute a valid criticism as it is more the content than the form which will help in assessing how it stands. This was the first day of their broadcast, there are many days to come.
Meanwhile, Stay with AlJazeera!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ned!
I think you are not giving the right value to the information provided by bloggers. :-)
It's not easy to have access to news and information, that's true, but I don't think this problem is related (only) to the north-south dichotomy; the problem is in the media itself, in all the interests (politics, economics,) around its power to "control" public opinion.
That's way I prefer bloggers.