A white Christmas two days too late. It Snowed today... Ramallah Looks very beautiful in white.. and it has put people in a nice mood, every body seems so happy and cheerful, yet my hands are freezing and my fingers keep going to the wrong key.
Many people ask me if it snows in Palestine, especially Dalina who thinks we all ride camels to work here (you would like that Elena!), I was thinking of this today, and I remembered how, although I have visited more than 15 countries so far, I have only seen snow in Palestine. Even Montreal in the one March Day I have been to it, it had frost and icy streets but not snow.
The picture is actually an old one, I bet it is something like 6 years old (because I remember clearly it was before the Intifada). I will try to put some of the new pics once I develop them.

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elena said...

...so now the nativity scene is complete!!! because here every child uses snow on palm trees...
btw, I know you go working riding a camel... and I envy you for that... :DDD