Israelis continuously amaze me with the arrognace through which they conduct their mid-day raids in Ramallah. Just as I was going out of town centre yesterday, a whole battallion of jeeps, armoured vehicles and bulldozers stormed into the city centre causing havoc and death.
Israel continues these operations in Palestinians cities with one such operation taking place at least every week, in one city of the other. The declared objectives of such operations continue to come in stark contradiction with the method in which they are held.
For example, yesterday's raid had the objective of capturing a Palestinian activist wanted by Israel. Regardless of the legitmacy of Israel's "warrant" (if such thing exists in military terminology) for the arrest of the man, the method through which he arrest attempt was made is clearly an indication that it was not entirely meant to arrest the guy.
If you want to arrest a fugitive, you try to make it as descrete as possible, no? You don't push 15 military vehicles into the busy town centre at mid-day to carry out the arrest.
If you want to arrest some, you also make sure that the process is swift. You don't have to kill 4 people in the process.
If you want to arrest someone, you also don't start a random shooting campaign from jeeps and helicopter gunships, it really defies the point, no?- well, unless you have a different point.
If you want to show you are in control, still, you can go on and kill people, destroy private property and throw fear into the heart of ordinary Palestinians. Of course, this is the only logical explanation you can receive from Israel's actions.
Where in the world, did an arrest attempt cause more than a dozen cars to be flipped up-side-down, or so many shops to be destoryed?
Yesterday's operation cost more than a million shekels in damages, (well over a million I guess, a Mercedes S-class and another E-class [which were among the destoryed cars] alone would come up to over half a million).
In short, Israel continuously tries to portray itself as an actor for peace, I wonder if the world so how actively they were seeking it yesterday.


Mr. Zionist said...

hey sharmota,

u r lucky we didn't get into ur house
if u talk too much here we gonna find u .....u wanna spend a couple of years in prison? i know u do ....u wanna ur right of return, no? hahah....

Mr. Zionist said...

.....my brother took part in the last operation in ur stinky ramalah....he will be promoted for it's success.

ur cities are nothing more but a good training grounds for our military,

we don't give a shit how many fucking Merses we hit or palis with their heads wrapped in pantalones.

Ned said...

I would not even bother deleting your posts. They are so articulate in describing exactly what I say about you and your comrades.
Ah, If you want me, Come get me... I will be waiting to smell your stink on my stairs.

6/1/07 14:32

Anonymous said...

Hi Ned,
just to say you are right not to delete the above posts. This is part of what we are up against, and it is important to shake Israel's polite facade by allowing people like 'mr zionist' to do the talking. Enough said.