The value of human life
Last week was a sad one in Ramallah. Eight young Palestinians lost their life, not due to an Israeli incursion, but rather to Palestinian negligence. An explosion occured in a Ramallah gas station that was caused, as primary evidence indicates, by a work accident were workers were welding materials near the gas station, the sparks cause an explosion that wrecked the two supporting columns of the structure composing the roof of the gas stations causing it to fall over cars and workers.
This is one incident of many that present a characterestic of many Palestinians: the lack of concern to health and safety issues. It is an issue present in many situations. The Palestinian Authority places no importance on enforcing laws and regulations that govern potentially risky activities. Culturally, if you ask people to take such precautions themselves, they would laugh and say, it is not likely to happen.
Well, it is, and when it does, there is no going back, human life is at line here, and there is a need to stop these accidents from claiming our lives.

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