Hebron is know to be one of the most volatile areas in the West Bank. It is a microcosm of the other areas but what makes it so special is the fact that it portrays the real Apartheid picture of Israel. In Hebron, Arabs and Jews live inside the city. But to the radical Jewish settlers, it is not a sign of possible coexistence, but rather and attempt to steal property and intimidate the Palestinians.
The most recent issue arising in Hebron is the takeover of a Palestinian building by Jewish settlers. This has happened frequently in Hebron. Settlers would intimidate, harass and attack Palestinians until they are forced to leave the old city which Israelis want to take over. In Hebron's old city, Palestinian residents have to live under continuous curfew while Israeli settler walk under military protection as they like.
Anyway, the house in question is owned by a Palestinian family. Israeli settlers claim that they bought it, and they took it over. In a decent democracy, this would not happen, as there should be a due process to resolve such matters in courts. However, in the Jewish 'Democratic' State, the settlers get military protection while they perform their theft. Of course, you can't expect Apartheid to act against its own superior group.
The picture below shows what have come to happen to Hebron's old city. The once flourishing market, is not virtually all closed down due to constant attacks on the Palestinians shops in which these shops are burnt by settlers. You just have to get a small walk down the old city to understand what it is like. The "Movit li Aravim"(Death to Arabs) slogans are the slightest of the concerns of Hebron's Arab majority.


Anonymous said...

oh come on - yes this was once a flourishing market - before the jews were kicked out, by murderous gangs of the oh-so-wonderfully peaceful and never guilty arabs.

and takeover of house? if i had a dime for everytime a palestinian rightfully sold land or a house and later denied it because he would be killed by his neighbors (not to mention that it is illegal according to the PA to sell real estate to jews - try substituting that word with black...) i'd be as rich as munib al-masri

so please quit the lying and the murdering

Ned said...

Well, I will not try substitute the word for Blacks. I don't know if there is a real law against it or if it is out of a custom. Besides, when Israeli settlers buy one inch of land, they start requiring a 100 meter buffer zone around it. So it is logical that the PA will try to limit Israeli aggression on Palestinian property.
But If had a penny for every time the Israelis lied about buying property (or all the different lies the continuously make) I would be as rich as Gaydamak!

Moe said...

You know, the annoying thing about Zionists is that they use rhetoric and lies to support their cause and then turn around and accuse the supporters of justice in Palestine of using rhetoric when they are actually stating facts!!!

Keep up the good work Ned.

Alaa' said...


Somebody decided to break the silence! and for good this time it's a group of Israeli soldiers who were sent to serve in the palestinian territories. In this website there are bunches of testimonies by them.

Anonymous said...

moe, keep the lies elsewhere - israelis don't ever blow themselves up in restaurants - and no matter how much you say you don't support that - the fact remains that there are many palestinians hate israelis (jews, really) more than they love their own life. that is a fact. and that is why palestinians are a sick society and will remain so forever.

Ned said...

well, lets do a reality check, Mr. Anonymous. If we try to calculate all the suicide bombings that we there then we might get a total of 100? 150 tops. and lets say that there were 500 more who failed or got caught. So the proportion of the Palestinian society who hates jews more than they love their lives is around 600/3,800,000. Wow, a very large percentage! lets also assume that there are 3,000 more who are willing to do it, but cannot access the groups that would support them. so the real percentage of Palestinians willing to risk their lives in militant action in less than 0.1%. If we assumed that there is a ten fold support for these people then we have 1% of palestinian society who are militant.
Consider this now: every Israeli when s/he reaches the age of 18 s/he goes to serve in the army. most of these consider their term as an opportunity to flex muscles. You know, when you are 21 and you want to tell you friends at uni some remarkable stories you will find a wealth of 'heroic' actions to talk about.
Lets see, among the Israeli society there were some 629 refuseniks according to seruv.org.il. Of course these are the drafted soldiers who refuse to serve in the oPt. our of an army of aroud 215,000 troops, their proportion is less than 0.3%, out of the whole Israeli society their proportion is less than 0.01%, i.e. one in ten thousand!
Ok, lets assume that they have a support in the Israeli society that is 100 times their size! So we have a good percentage now, 1%.
so the number of Israelis not willing to risk their lives to opress another nation is equal to the number of Palestinians willing to risk their lives to fight Israelis, both numbers stand at 1% of either society. so enough bullshit about Palestinians being the root of evil. Because the whole world knows it is not true.

Anonymous said...

right ned, cus only suicide bombings have killed innocent civilians (with the pure intent of murdering civilians) - and let's assume your (highly underestimated) numbers are correct - only 600 suicide bombers - that means they planned out their attacks, got the bombs, made the bombs, and were brought up with the desire to kill jews all by themselves. a completely original idea. the glorification of martyrdom on children's tv has nothing to do with that. so that would make more like 20-30 people involved in every SUICIDE attack - making 8,000 people - multiply that by about 5 or 6 - because there are about 5 or 6 attempted shooting attacks for every suicide attack - that makes 40,000 people. notice, i'm leaving out the stonethrowers - and i'm not talking about kids who throw rocks at bulletproof jeeps. i'm talking about ppl who throw cinder-block sized rocks at cars, a fatal activity. still, 40,000 out of 3,300,000 million (your numbers are way off) - that makes 1% - assuming your tenfold argument (blatantly wrong - considering the vote for hamas - think about it - does it really make sense to justify voting for murderous fanatics who's primary goal in life is murder - just by saying the other guys are corrupt?!) - this makes 10% of society. throwback to nazi germany btw (and i am not comparing ANYONE here to the nazis!) - only 33% voted for the nazi party. well over that figure voted for hamas.
and your argument about the IDF - if an israelis wanders off into a major palestinian city, say, nablus (second largest city in the west bank) - his of survival are slim at best. a palestinian who walking the streets of israel's second largest city (tel aviv) wouldn't be afraid of a lynching. so i think the intentions of both sides are not quite the same. and don't tell me about flexing muscles in the army and what not - unless you have served, you have no basis for such nonsense statements.

Ned said...

WOW! very interesting. So tell me did u ever try to think of the other differences between Nablus and Tel Aviv? i will give you some hints: 110 days of continuous curfew (record unmatched even in baghdad), 4 road blocks, continuous Israeli incursions, destruction of the old city, complete frustration due to the internal chaos(and don't blame that on the Palestinians alone). i will let you start here.
BTW, as much as i hate hamas, their main aim is not to kill jews. It is to establish an Islamic state, something equally despicable for me. Try to think beyond what your propaganda machine tells you.

Anonymous said...

bottom line - palestinians try to kill jews for the sake of murder, jews have tried SOOO many times to have peace here - and there wouldn't be EVEN ONE checkpoint if there weren't any terrorist attacks AT ALL.

(times arabs here were offered a state and turned it down - 1939,1947,1967,1982,1995,2000... maybe it's not A state they want - but one everywhere here without the jews...)

chicha said...
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