Israel will require its civilians to be informants in Neo-Apartheid

For a very long time, people were describing Israel's actions as those of an Apartheid state. It is very hard to not see this, unless your eyes were blinded by the unconditional love for Israel.
In anyway, The Israeli Knesset Interior and Environment Committee passed the second and third readings of a new bill which would require its civilians to act as informants in way of implementing their neo-apartheid.
The new bill will require cab drivers to request identification from 'suspicious' individuals before they can board their taxis. The same old justification of counter terrorism applies here as well.
Israel will never be sick of this stupid game.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ned!
I translated your post in Italian and posted it on "www.dalMondo.info".
Hope it could help; I'd like to learn more on this bill, also hearing "the other side" opinion.
All the best!
Giovanni B.

Ned said...

ciao giovanni,
I think I placed a link to the Haaretz article. Haaret being an israeli paper.