Take That!

So Let us consider the following facts from a recent opinon poll in Israel
1. Over half Israeli Jews consider marrying into an Arab family is national treason.
[Other facts to consider: Inter-racial marriages were illegal in Apartheid South Africa, The Law for protection of German blood and honour(1935) banned marriages and sexual relationships with Jews, Several Israeli laws make it impossible for Israelis to get married to other Arabs who do not hold Israeli citizenship)
2. Over 75% of Israelis do not approve of shared apartment buildings, 60% would not allow arabs to visit their homes, 55% want Jews and Arabs to be separated at entertainement sites.
[other facts to consider: There was no mixing between whites and coloured people in Apartheid South Africa]
3. About 40% want the Israeli-Arab's voting rights revoked. Over a half of the respondents believe The govenment should encourage Arabs to immigrate!
[In Apartheid South Africa: blacks did not get to vote in south african parliamentary elections]

So, for mentioning these facts I can be labeled as a racist anti-semite. However, I suggest that we look at the root of the problem. What would cause so many people to have such extremist views? I believe the indoctrination that Zionism enforces on the Jewish citizens of Israel can only lead to such an effect. If you eliminate Zionism, it wont be long before racism is non-existent!


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