"The world hates us"

This never ending mantra will continue. The Israelis are once again condemned by the United Nations. The Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination issued recommendation to Israel to stop all forms of racial discrimination against Arabs (both citizens of Israel and the occupied territories). The recommendations covered all aspects of life which actually presents a clear view of what Palestinians are going through.
These recommendations included:
1. Easing movement (including easing restrictions on roadblocks)
2. Ending unequale access to water resources.
3. Ending the disproportionate house demonolitions (disproportionate? do Israelis' houses ever get demolished?)
4. Denial of Palestinians' right to return to their land. (more recently thousands of Palestinians are required to get permits to access their lands and even their houses, if they live or own agricultural land in what Israel calls the 'seam zone')
5. Ending the different laws which give harsher punishment for Palestinians to the same offence if committed by Israelis.
6. Cease the construction of the Apartheid Wall.

The committee also pointed out that Arab compalints against the Police are never investigted and that Arabs, both Israeli citizens and not, suffer discriminatory work practices.
Israel says that the convention on ending all forms of racial discrimination which was ratified in 1965, does not apply to the Territories (As if people living there are not human). Of course this argument is rejected by the UN.
Israel UN ambassador in Geneva told the committee that these practices are essential to protect Israel against the threat of terrorist attacks.
Israelis on the other hand, sing along: the world hates us.
I wonder how they came up with this idea? The world hates you? Statistically speaking, it is more likely that you are racist than assuming that the whole world is, no?
I mean if 'the world' has put forward all these issues which you clearly do, and admit to, then there must be a point. You can't go on thinking that it is absolutely justifiable to kill someone because you guys want to enjoy your weekends.

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Edward said...

Israel is a racist apartied state that has been instigating terrorism for 60 years. Of course the world hates it. Not to mention it has formed an AXIS OF EVIL with the United States the second most hated country in the world. It is pretty clear the Israel give the USA a bad name not the other way around. As an American that cares about America I am not PRO ISRAELI. Certainly the Jewish community thinks they are doing Israel some kind of favor by defending its evils but instead they prolong the suffering of the palistinians and make America look like a Jewish puppet. There are to kinds of Israeli supporter: racist and morons who believe what they see in American Media. The wrest of the world hates Israel.