On Corruption and the corrupt

The World Bank, which is supposed to be the leading institution in the field of development, only noticed that corruption is an obstacle in the face of the development. It is interesting that an institution with all these capacities only started looking at the issue of corruption when it was convenient for the Americans.
Ask any individual living in countries where corruption is crippling the whole economy, they will tell you that they know this since a very long time. So, the question is, why are these WB employees being paid so much if they cannot figure out such a factor?
The answer is clear: they are corrupt themselves. Of course I am not saying anything new when I say that WB is there to serve, not the interests of the poor, but those of the rich. It is obvious that in todays world, the whole world is designed to serve the oppressors.
The recent Wolfowitz scandal is just one sign. The man is guilty, there is no doubt in that! He came out as a WB Director with one issue on his agenda, fighting corruption. In the process, it appears that he came out corrupt. But it is not him alone, it is him and the whole system that brought him to this position. It is also interesting to view the White House position on the issue, which declared its support to Wolfowitz. It is interesting how the powerful can be selective, how some are above the law, not only in third world countries in Asia and Africa, but also within the whole world order.

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