Civil War

I never thought I would be writing these words. For a very long time I have not been able to write and now, when I got the 15 minutes of internet connection, I have to write about a civil war.
It has been a quite unimaginable one. It is impossible to believe that Fatah did not have the capacity to fight, not that I want to have done that.
I am wondering, if this whole thing was part of a planned non-action on the part of Fatah to justify firing Hamas from the government.
Considering what Hamas is doing and has done, and considering their rehtoric. This is the first time i will say that I support the decision of Abbas, it is the only decision that could have been taken.
Now, We have an emergency government, we have a suspended parliament, which probably would never meet again. The questions that remain now are determining what kind of developments on the political landscape of Palestine there will be:
how long will the emergency government last?
will the president call for an early elections?
what are the implications of such a call on the field? will that cause more violence?
are we going to move into the Egypto-Syrian style of long lasting states of emergency?
There are provisions in the basic law for firing the government, but there are non for dissolving the parliament. How is this going to be done. Because clearly, the current parliament cannot be maintained in light of the fact that Hamas is fighting a war against the Authority.
Did it ever happen that the party in power actually fight a war against the government?


Sheema said...

Hi Ned,

I am so sad that it has come to this...my thoughts and prayers are with you and other Palestinians in this terrible time...hoping that a resolution will be reached soon and you will finally have peace.

Take care

Andrew Baker said...

May I just say what a guilt the rest of the world must feel to let this sorry state of affairs pass.

To allow the ghetoisation of the Palestinan peoples for Israel's narrow nationalistic interests and of the USA's regional interests.

Israel cliams justification of its policies each time the inevitable consequence of the subjication of Palestinian teroritories arises. It takes no responsibility.

We the rest of the world must now stand up and loudly support the Palestinian peoples at this time and until a just peace has been achieved.

Relevant to the theme of this thread, Israel has a deliberate policy of polarising the political landscape of Palestine in order to portray its peoples as terrorist aggressors in the USA Anglo dictat created as a justification for western actions in recent times.

Inteligent people world wide must now point to the clear truth of Isreal's deception and its real intentions to avoid peace based upon equitabilty and justice.

Andrew Baker (UK. England.)

Brady01 said...

You ask if a majority political party has ever sought the destruction of their government. The answer is yes. After Hitler was appointed chancellor of Germany (he had recently run for, and lost, the country's presidency) he, assisted by his storm troopers began an ongoing effort to undermine his opponents and Germany's president, Paul Van Hindenburg.

Hamas' recent actions add one more reason why they are the Nazi Party of the 21st Century.

Hamas' actions also vindicate the United States, Europe, and Israel in their decision to boycott Hamas and not send it aid. If they had sent Hamas money, it would have funded this whole civil war.

I really hope the Palestinian people are able to resolve this conflict. A resolution must start and end, however, with an agknowlegement that Hamas has no place in any effective government.