Attention: you are approaching a wall

Every time the peace process picks up momentum in the direction of a two state solution I start to feel worried. At the moment the Palestinians are two weak to set the rules of peace. Israel has enough power to impose all of its conditions slowly. At the moment Israel cannot afford to have a Palestinian state next door, because this state will not be stable. How Israel is trying to approach this problem is by building up the capacity of the Palestinian Authority to become a dictatorship. Not any kind of dictatorship, but one which is willing to accept all the conditions of Israel. Such a state, should protect Israel at all costs, even if this meant that it would oppress its citizens.
So long as Israel is allowed to impose its conditions with minor concessions, this is what a two state solution is likely to lead to.
If we are to come to a sustainable democratic solution, the international community has to place so much pressure on Israel to equate the pressure the Palestinians would have placed on Israel in any negotiated settlement.

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