The Ultimate Sin

"It is not only for what we do that we are held responsible, but also for what we do not do." The virtuous amongst us try to identify evil, and not do it. However, how often do we consider the act of NOT DOING as evil?
In a world which runs according to a universal system of power and wealth, very few own the power that determines how the world progresses. We all know and refer to the oligarchy of the multinationals and the power of Western Politicians. We consider what Nestle does in Africa, what Coca-Cola does in India and Colombia, what Caterpillar, Motorolla and Intel do in Palestine as evil, and we decide to boycot them.
These corporations are definitely evil in their means. However, did we ever stop to think how we benefit from their deeds? If I worked for a company that did the auditing for Coca-cola, or was the authorised agent of Intel, or just loved Lion Bar would I not be benefiting from these companies? Would I not be making money from money they made doing evil things?
The problem is we all live like that we allow ourselves to indulge in superfluous luxuries knowing that these luxuries were made for 50 cents a day in Bangkok or GuangZhou. We know that we are depriving whole communities of the hope of a sustainable, decent and dignified livelihood yet we still do it.
Today's ultimate sin is complacency.


Ned said...
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Benjamin Cook said...

What we allow, we encourage.

I could not agree more with your thesis that complacency is one of the greatest of all sins. It like no other sin allows the committer of to believe that they are without sin because it is a negative act. An act of omission.

I must say however that the picture you paint of large corporations is a bit sensationalist if not bordering conspiratorial. Children in Bangladesh did not begin to starve when Intel arrived or Coca-Cola.

I understand the need to rush the distribution of wealth downward. I also understand that doing so is also a sin. We are obligated by our creator to help our fellow man but we are not obligated to oblige it of others.

In terms of economics, wealth filters down at its own pace. Anyting else is dictating market forces and that is a very slippery slope.

I like everyone else would like to see better corporate governance. But I do not see corporations as evil. To do so is folly and to do so requires turning a bling eye to what industry has brought the world.

I say this sitting in the US. Not Palestine. I know that our perspectives or vastly different. Still, it is at least midly hypocritical to call corps "evil" considering the corporate influnce past and present that allows this very conversation to take place. Fiber Optics placed on the ocean floor at vast expense, Intel chips, HP computers, etc.

Anonymous said...

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