Cultural Intifada

I think I previously mentioned Dam Rap, a Palestinian group from Lod. They are here again singing (protesting?) against the continuous discrimination they face as Arab citizens of Israel.We, Arabs of Palestine, whether Israeli citizens or not, have similar claims against the injustice and discrimination of the State of Israel which of course favours Jews over anyone else.Unfortunately, we do not have a political leadership, none of our politicians is competent enough to raise our claims in their true sense, the official Palestinian leadership, in its efforts to achieve an independent state of its own, is really oblivious to the threat of continued discrimination that such a state would entail against all segments of the Palestinian people.Several groups of disenchanted youths are springing up against this whether through music, films, photography or other cultural activities, they are trying to express what we all feel, each in what they do best. This is creating a core group of dissidents, not necessarily against A state (which is only one protagonist in this conflict) but also against our own society, and our own political leadership. The passiveness and even oppressiveness that our society practices agaisnt its youths is a major factor in maintaining the current injustices.What is needed is to disseminate the outputs of these youths, to bring what they say to every house, whether Arab or Jewish. Then we need to build a movement around the claims these groups are presenting, which are in fact, our own claims that we have held for long inside us. Maybe one day this form of cultural protest would materialise in a movement that is strong enough to demand, and achieve, the justice and equality that we have always dreamt of.The politics of Palestine/Israel has for long been played as a zero sum game. It does not necessarily have to be so, by changing the rules of the game, you can reach a situation where everybody can when. This, of course, can only be done when everyone realises that for you to gain, others should not lose. Therefore the rules of the new game should be based on the equal perceptions of the needs of every part of this large mess we call Palestine/Israel.If we can move this cultural movement from a sporadic set of separated events and people to a united group working towards one goal, we can then achieve this and build around it. The cultural production of these groups can inspire the millions who await so eagerly for the day the bloodshed would end.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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I am anon too and do agree with you 100%. Arabs are rats as well and have to be cleansed from the ratholes the dwell in these days to free more precious space for us.

It's only a matter of time before Judea and Samaria will be Arabfree. Only those one who will be willing to serve us will be allowed to stay on humanitarian grounds. It's cheaper to hire arab toilet cleaners than importing those Thai workers and paying them too much.

Anonymous said...

i am the first anon and i am back only to announce that we should put this fucker into several months detention.

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YRIJ said...

Hey anonymouses,

You're both cowards and you disgust me. I sincerely hope neither of you is Jewish.


The majority of Israelis (and probably the majority of Israelis depicted in this movie) want nothing more than a safe secure and peaceful future. Most Israelis pray that their children wont have to serve in the army, at least not in combat. Most of Israel (including its elected officials) want a two state solution.

The majority of Palestinians (or at least those living in the West Bank) must now prove that they feel the same way. They must refrain from teaching their children hate, and condemn suicide bombings as forcefully as they condemn injustices perpetrated against them. Seize the moment before its too late.

Ned said...

Finally, someone I can reason with. Yes, it is true that there are more and more people who want to work for a peaceful resolution. We are both tired and sick of having to live with this conflict, and we both wish it ends today. It is only holding us back.
While I might not agree on the nature of the solution, I think violence should end now. And by violence I mean all the structures, processes, institutions, action etc... that perpetuate the need to fight on both sides. Once we are both free to engage in a normal life, we can then start designing the final status agreement. having to rush this process through would only mean that the current balance of powers would shift against us and would eventually perpetuate the conflict.

Anonymous said...

I know this post is a bit old, but I found this video interesting and wanted to respond.

First, let me introduce myself. I am a high school teacher in Vermont, USA, and I am taking a class on Gender and the Middle East. Our professor has asked us to follow some Middle Eastern blogs. I should probably also mention that I'm Jewish, and while I believe in the right of the State of Israel to exist, I wholly believe that the Israeli government has been acting outrageously and hope that the two sides can figure out some kind of two state solution that will allow both sides to live in peace.

We've just been reading about women's participation in political movements, so wonder if you cabn tell me more about this musical group. I know American rap songs often have a woman singing a chorus rather than rapping, but I wonder about women's participation in this group and, indeed, in the Second Intifada itself. What do you see as being women's participation? Why does the chorus of the song refer to the Palestinian cause as a bride?

Thanks for responding, if you do.