A place among enlightened nations

This week was eventful. Israel launched its Farsi radio, beginning its broadcast with Nairuz greeting by president Peres, who urged the Iranian people 'to reclaim their place among enlightened nations'. It must be a twisted definition of enlightened that he refers to. Forget the masccares he orchestrated and led in his career, for on the same day we were destined to learn of a new fiasco with Israeli army recruits at its centres. It appears that these young, brainwashed boys tend to celebrate their murderous career by printing T-shirts with slogans and cartoons that illustrate their exprience in the army. The picture on the left (courtesy of Maan News), an example, portrays a young Palestinian boy in the target range of a sniper shot, with the words "the smaller, the harder". Not much further can be said about this.
Today, was the launch day of "Jerusalem, Capital of Arab Culture" a year long of cultural events focused around the city and its contribution to Arab culture, a contribution that cannot be denied even by the most stubborn of Zionists. The 'enlightened' State of Israel waged a war against the events of launch spreading thousands of its police and border guards around the city, detaining organisers, invading monasteries, schools, universities and cultural centres in their attempt to stop the events.
It is ironic that a country that claims to be a light unto the nations would use such barbaric force to put an end to cultural celebrations of this kind.


Bar Kochba said...

What importance does Jerusalem have to the Arab world? It was never the capital of any Arab country. Under the Ottomans, it was a backwater provincial town. The Kotel was used as a garbage dump by the Arabs.

When Jordan illegally occupied Jerusalem from 1948 to 1967, it expelled Jews from the Old City, desecrated synagogues and study houses and used Jewish graves on the Mount of Olives as latrines. Even today, the Islamic wakf destroys precious relics on the Temple Mount and dumps the artifacts in the Kidron Valley.

The Arabs have never respected Jerusalem. Jerusalem is the city of the Jews, for ever and ever. You can visit maybe, but never forget to whom it belongs.

dyeve said...

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