Taking it Global

The Palestinian cause is currently succeeding in mobilising international grassroots support around the world. It would have previously been unthinkable to, for example, see people in America standing up so courageously against a War criminal like Olmert. Now this is becoming a growing trend. The British UCU has time and again discussed the boycot of Israeli institutions. So has many other European, American, Canadian institutions. The Trade Unions movement is also leading BDS effort around the world and this is leaving an echo.
The Goldstone Report has also marked an important milestone in this process. Israeli officials are increasingly becomming concerned that this report will discourage soldiers from participating in military operations because of the ensuing criminal responsibiltiy and the potential legal implications around the world. already, Barak and Ya'alon had to worry about the prospects of beign arrested in the UK if not for their diplomatic immunity as official state visitors.
What I see today is the core of an international campaign that will grow in the coming years to sufficient strength to be able to push for a real and just change in international policy towards Israel. The increased isolation of Israel will force it to review its policy and the way it deals with the conflict. It will make it understand that its policies cannot be sustainable. It will happen, it happened before in South Africa, it will happen again here.


Anonymous said...

oh fuck....we just let this motherfucker from jail and he's back blogging. what a disgrace to blogosphere.

Ned said...

Yeah, i am still alive. and you idiots never got me in jail. and since i have seen all the stuff you have been writing, i think i will restrict comments here.

nina said...

Glad to see you again, Ned! :)
Yea, we're taking it global. And it goes beyond religions, politics and nationality.


It will happen, indeed, it is happening. Solidarity from Indonesia and everywhere.

Anonymous said...

you think you are so brave to tell us about things we know better.....you gonna shit your pants soon begging us to spare you from humiliation

Chet said...

Ned, you are right. Right now in the US there is big push from the people in seeing that war criminals from Israel are brought to Justice. I just hope our government takes us serious. And yes boycots are happening everywhere.

Anonymous said...

see pal noone wanna read your ''writing''

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ned for everything that do. Keep speaking the truth!

-Concerned American