I think i should go back to writing

When I write, i get all these bad thoughts off my mind and on the web. they don't really go off my mind, but i guess i can understand them better when i see them there on the post. right now, there are so many bad thoughts with all that is going on, that's why i think i should go back to writing. I always used to tell myself, that when i get enough time, i will rearrange my blog and go back to writing, but this is not going to happen, so i will write then go back to rearranging it.
There are so many hot things going on in this country. peace talks are on the rail with a huge bumper ahead. Jerusalem is on the brink of exploding. Settler violence is escalating. Stupid half-men are running the show almost in every single country involved. Someone has to talk about this. I hope i can do that.


Young Activist said...

Yes! The world needs more voices like yours.

nina said...

Ah. It's good to see you're back!