love thy enemy

You know what? I just love Liberman! He simply tells the whole world what we, Palestinians, have always been saying all along. There has never been an Israeli politician who was as open about Israel's intentions and actions.
We always knew, and said, that Israel loves the situation as it is now and tries to keep it this way because it helps it get what she wants: more land and less people. Liberman doesn't hide his satisfaction when he claims that they should keep the situation as it is, and 'manage the conflict' instead of resolving it. This is also exactly what he does, put one obstacle after another in the face of reaching a just peace.
We have always said that the conflict is not about creating an independent Palestinian state. We always said it is about justice. Here is Liberman expressing his desire to force upon the Palestinians who have Israeli citizenship loyalty to the enemy or a choice to leave their country.
We always said that Israel wants more land and less people, and here he declares to the whole world, that he wants to reassess the citizenship of Palestinians in Israel.
We always said that Israel is more interested in land than in peace, and here goes Liberman declaring unrelenting support to the settlement enterprise, of which he himself is a pioneer.
In short, if people can only hear what Liberman says and compare it to the actions of Israel for the past 63 years they will only see that Liberman is the only honest politician Israel has had. They will know that such policies are exactly what led Palestinians to frustration, year after year and that these are the policies that will keep the conflict raging for decades to come.

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