Tamara is afraid of going to her nursery. She says that they might bomb it like the beach, or maybe the Gaza Power Plant. She asks her mother to come to collect her from the nursery in case they come in.
And I think, what have our lives come to? Children, whose only joy in life is to go out and play, are afraid to even do that.
Abu Al-Abed says, looking at an Israeli tank, “Just look, and don’t capture anyone.”
Just like one night we slept while Fatah was the majority in the parliament, and woke up with Hamas winning, we suddenly woke up yesterday with a Fatah majority yesterday, after the Israelis kidnapped a third of Hamas parliamentarians. There is now a political void unheard of in history, most of the cabinet is in prison, the rest in hiding. I don’t think any basic law or constitution allows for this possibility.
It is funny, Al-Ayyam website features a collection of past issues in the banner. On top, is the issue with the headline, “Gaza Celebrates the First Day of Freedom”, from September of last year. Today’s headline reads “Egyptian Efforts Suspend the Aggression for 48 hours, Israel Continues Intensive Ground and Air Strikes on Gaza.”
Forget the irony in the two different headlines, and look at the one in the same headline, what aggression has stopped if air and ground strikes are intensified?
Danger: military debris may explode and kill you. Does the soldier qualify as military debris? Well, it is killing Gaza now.

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