Ahmad, says he met a Shatila survivor. To me that's like a holocaust survivor (since when did that word get a capital H?) We have many small holocausts. Many people did, Armenians, Kurds, Bosniaks, Maöris, Native Americans, Tutsis ... For us, we had many that, together, constitute one.
There was also one, very very very big one for the Jews, Catholics, Homosexuals, Trade Unionists and Gypsies.
You see it is not about size. A human soul is that, and they are all precious, kill one, and you are a killer. It doesn't matter, it is all ethically wrong, maybe the effects can be larger, but to a true honest human being he should not distinguish between a murderer of one and that of six millions (is opportunity cost included in that number?).
So you can tell I disagree with the fact that the 27th of January is International Holocaust Memorial Day, and support the proposition that it should be an International Genocide memorial day.
Anyway, our lady from Shatila, loses her assylum case which was overseen by a Jewish judge- and I naïevly thought they should chose impartial judges. So she creates a political trial to prove that the massacare really took place.

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