Ever wondered how a two letter word can be laden with connotations? I received a text with one "Hi" but to me that meant the world, and made my day.- don't worry you are not supposed to understand.
Anyway, that's for me.
So I go to bed, I wake hearing shots in the background. Quite normal in this place. It just shocks me to know that one person can be alive one second, and dead the next. The story I read says that one Palestinian was injured, no one could carry him out of the fire range, an Israeli soldier approaches, shoots him dead at point blank.- But that doesn't shock me, the frequency of it disgusts me.
So it seems they are finding an entertainment with air strikes. It also seems these airstrikes use such a smart missile system that they only kill civilians- kids, women and elderly that is.
Did I say that hamas sucks yet? it does.

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