Today's newpaper, a little child of two crying with his head wrapped in bandages and blood on his neck. Next to it "An Israeli Officer: We Will Continue Air Strikes on Gaza Despite the Mistakes". Mistakes? I have heard of spelling mistakes, but what kind of a mistake is a one that kills two siblings enjoying an evening meal in their home? or 7 family members enjoying a beach picnic a weak earlier? or 10 people going about their 'normal' lives in Gaza streets a day after that? or.. or... or????
Human Rights Watch says Israeli investigations into the killing of innocent civilians have 'little credibility'. It is as if anyone would plead guilty in trial, unless its their best shot at getting a better sentence... and Israel is not afraid of sentences, is it? After all, it has been criticised more than the devil himself, but where does that lead?
It has been quite-ish on the internal front recently, no new stupidities from Hamas/Fatah or any of the others.
Me and Mohammed agreed yesterday that we should shock people out of their dogmagogic beliefs in religious states. He suggested Absynthe as the best way out, but I thought that'd be too risky.
We still have to figure a way.

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