Hurray, it snowed today!
Of course it didn't, something would be terribly wrong, if it did. it is just too damn hot now. And Francesco was sceptical as to whether it snows in this country. Well, you can see it does.
It is strange, just yesterday, I wrote about the Shfa Ammr attack, and today, I received a pettition to sign. I was trying to figure something out, had I been living in another country, say Laos for example, would the World Cup fever be the same? I mean yes everyone loves football (except Americans, they don't know what it is-Sorry Fred!), but why on earth does every other car have a different flag? For example would you see Icelandics waving the Japanese flag (maybe Björk would, but anyone else?)? Here you see Brazillians, Germans, French etc... I mean I understand we have Palestinians living all accross the globe, But what on earth do I have to do with Italy? I have never even been there, and have seen nothing more from that country to my satisfaction other than their "regazze belle"!

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