Terrorism: The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a person or an organized group against people or property with the intention of intimidating or coercing societies or governments, often for ideological or political reasons. (dictionary.com)

So, what is Unlawful? obviously something against the Law! and what is more universal than international law? is it not a benchmark for comparing countries?

SO international law says no occupation of other territory. And it says resistance to such occupation is legitimate.

So this morning's operation "Whithering Illusion" is not terrorism. And the Killing of civilians in Gaza by Israeli airforce is Terrorism. That's established.

I find it ammusing to read the analysis of those die-hard zionists when it comes to defending Israel. This website proposes a new solution to the problems of the Palestinians, take a look http://www.jerusalemsummit.org/eng/hs_short_eng.htm. (by the way, the poll referred to in the text has not been conducting in sound scietific manner and therefore the conclusion reached should not be taken seriously)

so I responded to them, here is what I wrote:


  1. The Palestinians have been living in a conflict situation for more than three quarters of a century.
  2. The Conflict was intensified by the waves of Zionist immigrants coming to Palestine.
  3. The turning point in the conflict was when a bunch of new-comer colonialists decided to expel Palestinians for their homes and establish a state solely for Jews.
  4. Almost sixty years later, another bunch of racist colonialists decide that that turning point did not turn out so well. So forget about right and justice for every thing has a price.


  1. If the plight of Palestinians in Arab countries defies humanity and constitutes a form of “discrimination against Palestinians , living in the Arab world” then by the same line of thought, the Zionist treatment of the Palestinian is a form of discrimination inherent which, unlike the earlier, is inherent in Zionist ideology and conduct.
  2. It follows that Israel, as the prime project of the Zionist movement, is itself a racist and discriminatory entity. This can also be proved empirically, and has been done earlier, it is not my intention or within my means to do so at the moment.
  1. It must be noted that in the proposed framework, the rights of Arab states to protect their demographic composition is far inferior to the right of Israel to do so. Understandable only as an indication that all countries are equal but Israel is more equal than all others- (thanks, Orwell).
  1. The authors of this proposals are a bunch of hypocrites that are trying to win the emerging political right in Europe and neo-cons in the US by ensuring that their proposals will not in anyway affect their campaigns against immigration.


With no rhetoric involved… Fuck off

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