I have to start by correcting myself on the Teddy Katz afair, accoring to www.opendemocracy.net, Ilan Pape was not Katz' supervisor but rather Kais Ferro, a rather out-of-the-spotlight Duruz scholar at Haifa U.

I wanted to note how the world looked so different on the eve of the 25th of January 2006. The Ramallah Cultural Palace, the media centre for the CEC, seemed to tower over Ramallah's dark night. No one knew of the shock that was about to hit the next morning. We slept with Fatah leading, woke up with Hamas on top.
I could not stop thinking of the issue that I fell off my bike going to Birzeit, and spent the rest of the day in Hospital. Rafif was shocked and afraid. I spent the day being cuddled and the week talking of my seven stiches.

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