"Come stay with us, better than staying alone!" Mother said, "just in case they invade Ramallah, today." So people would buy things, mainly bread, but those who have been getting their salaries over the past four months, they might get some more. Personally, I thought I should invest my 30 shekels carefuly. I wanted to buy rolling tobacco instead of filters. But I didn't buy anything and came back home with 15... God only knows how.
This would probably be unheard of in most countries. I never had to worry about this in the UK, China, Hong Kong or any other country I have been to for that matter. Well, except that short 3 day visit to Trincomali.
Most of those who know Ramallah would have probably never heard of Trincomali, the same of those who know Trincomali. A somewhat large town in the Eastern coast of Sri Lanka, a year ago, The Tasmil Tigers were on the Northern outskirts of the city, and a confrontation was expected anytime. Luckly it did not happen. (Ah! the president was supposed to sign a deal with the tigers, but the monks were against it, they torched everything in their way- you would expect this behaviour of Am'aari thugs but not buddhist monks).
Anyway I wanted to say:
I like, of names, what is similar to hers,
or a synonym of it or even close,
I count the nights, one after the other
When I lived a lifetime not counting nights.

That's why my colleague at work always gets it from me, cuz I keep singing Rafiq ya Rafiq Waynak ya Rafik.
So Ahmad asks, what would Jesus say if he lived in Palestine now? Ah, Forgot something, with this arsenal, they don't have to hand him over to the Romans. Tough Luck, Lord!

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