Just read that Israel destroyed several Palestinian cars in Nablus after a militry jeep was burnt by the guys over there. Pretty childish for 'the most ethical army in the world', eh?
Anyway my concerns are varied, like I was thinking of this picture as it resembels everything I hate to see:
  1. Hamas Prime Minister
  2. 2nd highest ranking political figure in Palestine leading a religious ceremony
  3. So many microphones in a religious ceremony, as if our decisions are made inside religious institutions, from now on.
  4. Iran style outfit: suit, shirt, no tie.

I would hate to see this place turning into a theocracy, or anyform of state were religion has a part. The two most contradictory examples are set in this region: Iran and Israel. and for me, neither sets a good example. Both try to impose a supremacy paradigm on whole populations, enforced by oppression.

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