Curfew, Protest and parade

So at, ten, a curfew could not put Ramallah to such silence. I assume everyone was watching the game. At 12.30 am, cars honking people shouting and others are sad.
It was a great game indeed, but I wonder, again, in how many other cities outside Italy did they have as many celebrations as we did tonight?
Ahmad says “Poor Gazans, they are cut off the outside world, with no electricity.” Yeah, poor them, they missed an excellent game.
So there, back again, the ultimatum expires, nothing happens. What strikes me is the doublethink Israel expects from everyone. On the one hand, they are expected to believe that this is a war, imposed on Israel of course, so Israel is allowed to hold prisoners of war. On the second hand, it is not a war, so the Palestinians cannot do the same.
Elsewhere, in Jerusalem, several groups are said to be preparing to celebrate the Tesha’ Be’Av, in Al-Aqsa. Of course, this is going to lead to more clashes, but who cares.
For the first time, Muslim, Christian and Jew clerics are united… not really in a call for peace, but rather against the Gay Pride Parade to take place in Jerusalem later this summer (10 August). There was a call for boycotting the parade on grounds that it “breaches the sanctity of the city”. Well, I would tend to agree with the boycott, on my own, different grounds, though.

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