It is for you and because of you that I write. I don't want to miss a day, because there is not one when I have not missed you.
So Israel violates international law. Or so says Switzerland, the guardian of the 1949 treaty. But did anyone ever stop for a minute to even think of this Geneva convention and what its implications are?
It is merely intended to support the bare minimum humanitarian commitments of antagonists. It is not about justice. it could not be for it was set and ratified by the strongest powers.
So even when it comes to the bare minimum, Israel is not meeting its committments. And they take of their right to exist?

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Rima Al Ajrami said...

That's my Ned, fair enough for those who want to get it. I hate it when you pretend and believe that hiding and denying is the way out. Let it be, and may be something good turns out to happen soon, inshallah. I (strange enough) will be there for you to celebrate this day, or (La sama7 allah) to cry for you if any thing goes wrong. Strange (yea)you become one of closest friend!!!! Mee too shocked