Koby Says,
"Both in the first attack on Qana in 1996 and in 2006 there are verifiable facts that Qana was used to fire rockets. "

By the same account, a Nazi could justify Kristallnacht, didn't Herschel Grünspan assassinate Vom Rath (Although, I, myself, totally understand the frustration that led Grünspan to act that way).
You see, nothing justifies the killing of innocents. So even if Hizbullah used Qana as rocket launching ground, although I doubt it has done so from between the houses, since this constitutes a security risk for its members, then it is not the houses but the launch pads that should be attacked.
Koby bases his argument on an Article in the NY Times titled "Christians Fleeing Lebanon Denounce Hezbollah", knowing the longstanding animosity between all religious sects of Lebanon I dare not quote one against the other.
Avneron, on the other hand, critcises the analysis of my previous post as poor. However, looking at his site, he has a map of the Middle East showing the true size of Israel/Palestine, with the sarcastic words of "End Jewish Occupation of Arab Lands". To me that analysis is even poorer, what ever the size of other "Arab Land" may be, Israel is still occupying Palestine.
Well, I was just reading some statistics, over the years since the Apartheid Regimes were established in South Africa and Palestine, in 1948, The USA has vetoed 10 resolution against South Africa and 82 against Israel. Wow! this should tell you that Israel does not need a protection from terrorism as much as it needs protection from justice.

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