When I thought to myself what is the best comment on the power of the media in shaping today's world and, manybe, protecting the poor and oppressed, I keep remembering the words of Tayseer Allouni, AlJazeera correspondent who covered the war in Afghanistan. One dark night, after the power was cut off Kabul following an air raid he said:
Nothing lights the night of Kabul but the shining full moon and AlJazeera's camera light.
I just thought this is a wonderful line, Amro agrees with me. But how many reporters do try to light up the darkness we live in?
Tayseer is now in the Spanish jails. He is charged with assissting a terrorist organisation, and has been sentenced for 7 years. I don't understand much about the law, but the transcripts of the verdict show that the judge does not believe that he has been part of such an organisation. On the other hand, I believe it should be totally normal for a journalist to seek information in anyway possible, even if it includes paying informants or links.
Tayseer's is a very old story now, maybe even unfashionable, but it is there, just like that of so many others.


chelsea merz said...


I'm a producer for the radio show Open Source. We are nationally distributed in the US. Tonight we are broadcasting a show with authors Etgar Keret and Samir El-Youssef. We want to mix the show up by getting bloggers' voices on this show--to talk about daily life in Israel and Palestine.

Are you free and interested in partaking? If so please email me a number at which you can be reached and we can record a brief phone conversation.

Best, Chelsea


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Ned said...

Hi Chelsea,
I am sorry, I believe I got your messsage quite late. I shall hope maybe another time I would love to participate.
you can email me on nedalz@gmail.com.