Over fourty civilian deaths is the toll for Sunday. A picture from Beirut portrays it as emerging from a nuclear holocaust. The smoke columns are everywhere.
And somehow, people still can have the courage to twist things around and blame the Arabs. Well, maybe Ivanov is right. The Hizbullah attack could be labelled as provocative. But while we are at it, what do you call 9,000 Arab and Palestinian prisoners in Israel? How would you think if administrative detention was part of your government's policy- by which you can be arrested indefinitely without being charged? How would you think if your Supreme Court of "Justice" allows torture in a landmark ruling- the first of its kind in a western state? What would you call Kidnapping Ministers? Or isn't the mere existence of a state that stands in defiance of all international resolutions, benefits of the dispossession of one people and maintains a supremacist regime that oppresses others who do not belong to the highest race, is that not provocative?
Some might say they belong to a terrorist organisation- Hamas. As much as I dislike Hamas, I don't consider them terrorists. As a matter of fact, I see the IDF as a terrorist organisation disguised under the "defence forces" title. So, by the same token, the kidnapping of soldiers is just a totally legitamit act, because we too, have the right to defend ourselves.
Hmm interesting... by that same token kidnapping Israeli Ministers or officials should also be acceptable. After all, as our dear old Einstein says... it is all relative.
However, people who provoke in order to fight against the reinstatement of justice, are different than those who fight for it.
That simply is the case here. So long as Israel wants to maintain its exclusive nature as state for one group only, there can be no resolution for the conflict. When we were kids our parents used to teach us something i find important here. SHARE!


Anonymous said...

Would a 25 year old man actually listen to older Americans who have served in the military and understand the Middle East?

Or would you automatically trust the college professors you had?

Does it help or hurt in getting dates to have such a view of Israeis?

Sara said...

I am sorry... I am so sorry... for all these happening. I hope the world understand this is not power that should be appreciated! We should look for, admire humanity, loyalty and justice...
Wishe you the best

Joshua Betts said...

"...as emerging from a nuclear holocaust." Right. And you actually want us to take you seriously.