I am sort of a history person. I look at events with nostalgia. I can see David fighting the angel of death between the pillars of his mansion and Alexander suffering from fever in a tent somewhere in Mesopotamia.
However, today I was trying to imagine the moments in history I wished to have lived through. The first moment that came to my mind was the door being opened for the prisoners at Al-Khayyam camp in Southern Lebanon on the 25th of May 2000. The Second was on the eve of the 10th of April 2003, Iraqi prisoners leaving Saddam’s Jails. The third is the 14th July, 1789 around the Bastille.
The beauty of these moments lies in the colossal turning points they constituted in their nation’s histories. I am sure there are many more moments when freedom was so palpable. In those I would have also loved to participate.
These moments however culminated years of unbelievable oppression that provoked popular rage. An oppression as such requires an end that pleases the oppressed.
Imagine being cut off the world as you are in an Israeli prison. Imagine a hand that opens the doors of freedom, and arms wide open for you. This is a moment that should come.


KSM said...

I pray that the Lebanese government will team up with Israel to remove Hezbollah from its soil. Then Lebanon and Israel can both benefit from increased peace and prosperity. This is all Hezbollah & Syria and Iran's fault. Let's hope that the US and other civilized countries continues to support Israel so that the madness of the death-cult of Hamas and Hezbollah can be brought to a quick end.

SS said...

to ksm!
But be careful: So the only factor/country doesn't have a fault is Israel?!!!
Be careful, think you were a German 50 years ago and you were helping Hitler in killing jew poeple. You would be very ASHAMED today of your ideas and your thought. Israel is a racist government. It simply doesn't let Arabs live in that piece of land. One reason: They are not jew! They are Arab! ha ha! Israel attacked Lebonan in a nasty way. Nothing can legitimate it. NOTHING. It is like what happened in USA in Sep 11. NOTHING can legitimate felony like this. NOTHING. What do you mean it is Iran's fault or Syria? Even if they are making the condition worse IT IS ISRAIL's fault because that's Israil who attacked. And dosn not stop attacking.
Think again. It is a crime. When Nazzi were killing jews 60 years ago some poeple thought like you. They though it's German Nation and it's jews fault because they don't obey or it's Russia fault.
THINK AGAIN. It's a crime happening in our generation...

Leah said...

to ksm
How can you possibly compare Nazi Germany and the horrid genocide of the Jews by Hitler to Israel where, despite your report, many Palestinians live with and in some cases are even married to Jews?
You say that Israel attacked Lebanon in a nasty way. You must be of the same ilk and demeanor as the Hezbollah, who seem to think that to kidnap, manipulate and victimize a whole country is justifiable for their cause...namely to have their demands met, the return of the 20 terrorist held prisoner in Israel. And what do you call Hezbollah's invasion into Israel to provoke this whole chapter in mideast history and the rockets they send into Israel? No country would or should take this bullying.

Leah said...

correction: my comment was addressed to ss, not ksm

Ned said...

As much as I would like you guys to enjoy your discussions, there is usually a theme for every post. If you would like to comment, please make it relevant to that theme.

Ned said...

Just a quick note to Leah, The Nazis have committed some of the worst crimes in the previous century. We thank the Lord, God, Ha-Shem or anyone out there who controls or oversees what is happening on this planet, that they did not finish their plans.
In Islamic tradition there is a saying "Whoever killed a soul without due right, it is as if he killed everyone."
There is little difference between a gas chamber and a one tonne bomb dropped on a building in Gaza or Beirut. They both constitute a mechanised process for murdering innocents. Israel justifies their murders... but so did Hitler.
The only difference is in the enormity of the act of systematically killing so many people by the Nazis, the Israelis are just following suit.

ss said...

to leah:
nice! So you quickly presumed that I am a Moslem from Hizbollah or something like that! :)) How you can;t imagine there are some jews and christians and also atheists in the world that still their brain is working and their mind is not totally devoted to POWER and ADVERTISEMENT.
Israil is compared with Nazzi. It is an apartaide regimen. Israil is a racist governement. Clearly it doesn't let so many arabs just to get back to land and live. What is your answer and justification to this? I am not saying jews should get out of the country... But anybody was born there or his/her parents born their. This is a basic human right... They should be able to get back to there. What does it mean to divide the country to two parts. Make a wall and anytime you wish you bombard the other side as a country... And keep them poor and don't let them use the resources in your piece of land!!! THINK! For God sake THINK. Poeple are allowed to make new governement. Ok this is an jewish government FINE. They like to change the name of that piece of land from Palestine to Israel, still FINE. But you can't say this is only for JEWS!!!!!! THIS IS RACISM. You are just metamorphaied by advertisement. THINK

KSM said...

SS -
You claim that Israel is a racist government. While every country has its faults, the arabs in Israel have the best civil rights and opportunities of any arabs in the ME. They can vote & do anything the native Israelis can do. The only exception is that they do not have to do mandatory military service.
I am sure that there are individuals who are racist. Those exist in every country. But racism is not institutionalized.

Please get your facts straight. You sound upset and angry. Emotion does not win an argument with a rational person.

This latest round of violence was clearly initiated by Hizballah's raid in Israel. This violated all norms of international law and justice. the Israelis are fully justified in trying to defend themselves. Unfortunately, defense involves collateral damage, which the Israelis are seeking to minimize. Want proof of the Israili concern for civilians? If Israel wanted to target civilians, there would easily be 10,000 dead by now, not just 200. On the other side, however, Hizbollah indiscriminately rockets entire cities. There is no moral equivalence here.

Ned said...

I believe that you should be the one to get your facts straight.
First of all the term "native Israelis" has never been used before. You of all people should know that Israelis are a population of immigrants- what else are the different "Aliya"s of the previous century?
Second, Yes Israeli Arabs vote- but to say that racism is not institutionalised in the state- this is just a bunch of empty statements. Contrast poverty records or Arab vs. Jewish population centres. Check out how many cabinet ministers have ever represented this one fifth of the state. College enrollement rates. Check out the land ownership structure. The "Present-Absentees", the recent family unification laws... come on, the indicators are endless.
Third, An Israeli supporter speaking of International law? give me a break! Hizbullah could not have broken international law more than Israel did. lets weigh things rationally: Hizbullah captures two soldiers, in order to free Lebanese detainees who spent more than a quartre of a century in Israeli prisons. Who is on the wrong side?
Fourth, just because Israel did not kill more civilians doesn't make it more humane. a car theif is still a theif even if he steals your radio and leaves the car!
If Hizbullah was as evil as Israel it woud have bombed the chemical factories or the oil refinaries in Haifa. Then there would have been a real disaster.

KSM said...

Good point about the term "native Israelis". I should have used the term "Jewish Israelis".

Regarding the economic status of Arabs living in Israel - there can be lots of reasons for differences in college enrollment, personal income, land ownership, etc, besides official racism. Culture and traditions, for instance. Even here in the USA Jews attend universities more frequently than non-jews. Does that mean that there is institutionalized racism? No. There are lots of other possible reasons for differences between ethnic groups.

And tell me, are Arabs leaving Israel and moving away at a faster rate than they want to enter?

People complain about America, but everyone seems to want to come and live here. And once here, they don't seem to want to leave. This is understandable.

The Israel-Lebanon border was clearly established by law. Israel did not violate that border until it was attacked.

Hizbollah did more than just capture 2 soldiers. It killed 8 or so. It frequently rained down rockets on Israeli cities. Its stated purpose was to destroy Israel. How can a country put up with that kind of behavior?

What would the USA (or any country) do if it's troops were killed and rockets rained down on its cities?

And why are the Lebanese detainees in prision? For terrorist activities? If so, they deserve to be there, and Israel is not to blame.

Regarding your point that the number of Lebanese civilian dead does not make Israel humane - I was replying to those who seem to think that Israel is bloodthirsty. If it was there would be tens of thousands of dead Lebanese and Palis already.

Finally, I believe that the only reason Hezbollah and Hamas haven't yet used chemical or nuclear weapons is that they either do not have them or they are waiting for the most advantageous time.

They have stated again and again that they want to wipe out Israel. Israel isn't perfect, but it does want to live in peace.

Ned said...

Well, I am sure that institutionalised racism is part of Israel's culture, did you read the latest piece in Haaretz on Arab Israelis not allowed to fly from the airports in the North?
With Land ownership I referred to the fact that Palestinian Arabs residing in Israel have lost their land ownership because they are considered by Israeli Law as Absentees, although they live in the next village after they were forced to move. The Term Absentee can never refer to Israeli Jews who changed their place of residence during or after the war.
If Hizbullah's and Hamas' cardinal sin is their interest in destroying Israel, then what do you have to say to the FACT that Israel actually DESTROYED the Palestinian society?