So Haaretz sets the total death toll Lebanon due to the Israeli offensive at 50, including one militant. That's a remarkable margin of error isn't it? But does anyone care?
How would you feel loading a shell which in 8 minutes will take a life? what justification will you give yourself going to bed that night? I am sure there are no answers to such a question. For someone who seeks a clear conscious at night would object to wearing an army uniform.


sykadilya said...

I don't think that the commandors who order the strikes do really care about people's lives when all what they really care for is scoring goals and winning gold.
Good job ur doing there.
I found ur blog through Dr. Mona's.
The more advocates we have the better.
Keep on the good work.

J.G said...

Bonjour et pardon d'écrire en français. (je ne parle pas englais).
D'abord, en tant qu'espagnol et européen, je suis scandalisé par l'attitude des gouvernements israélien et européens envers les peuples arabes.
Surtout que c'est les occidentaux qui ont envoyé en Palestine, des personnes qui n'ont rien à y faire.
Les israéliens se plaignent tout le temps que les autres communautés veulent leur perte. Qu'ils ont souffert de l'holocauste.
Aujourd'hui c'est eux les nazis, avec la bénédiction des occidentaux, et surtout du gouvernement diabolique Américain.
De tout mon coeur, je suis avec vous...

Hola y perdón por escribir en español. (No hablo ingles).
Inicialmente, como español y europeo, la actitud de los gobiernos israelí y europeos hacia la communidad árabe, me escandalizo.
Especialmente que son los occidentales que enviaron en Palestina, los judios que no tienen que hacer en vuestros territorios.
Los israelíes siempre se quejan a toda hora que las otras comunidades desean su pérdida. Que sufrieron del holocaust.
Hoy son ellos los Nazis, con la bendición de los occidentales y especialmente del diabólico gobierno norte américano.
Estoy con vosotros de todo corazon...

Assistant Village Idiot said...

This is the seventh Palestinian blog I have been to today. In each is the same. Does anyone "care?" Can you imagine how it "feels?" Even the commenters! Oh, those others, they don't care, they are beasts, we see into their hearts and read their minds. You are seeing only your own hearts, and reading only your own minds.

Do you not understand that those are not moral arguments? That saying "I feel hurt, therefore I am a victim" or "No one cares about us" are the arguments that children use?

I work with criminals every day in my job. They have a way of justifying themselves which is different from what other people do. They never admit even the slightest wrong, it is always 100% someone else's fault. I see the same on every Palestinian site. No one is prepared to admit even a 1% responsibility for the troubles.

I used to believe that the Palestinian side of the story had some truth to it. Over the years, hearing them never admit to the slightest wrongdoing, I have concluded theat they think like criminals.

Ten years from now, no matter what you have done, you will still "feel" that you are the victim. The Israelis cannot change that. Only you can change that.

sykadilya said...

Dear Assistant Village Idiot,
I thank u for ur interest in reviewing Palestinian blogs.
I believe that if you check some pro-zionist Israeli blogs, you will find even worse use of the "victim" card. --"What about the Holocaust? Thousands of Jews were killed. We are [the refugee Jews of the wealthy white Ashkinazy Jews, whose most grandparents and parents lives were not affected by the Holocaust], therefore, the only victim nation on Earth." you'll find them saying on there blogs. --At least, what is happening in Gaza is happening NOW not 60 years ago. People of Gaza are suffering NOW. Gazans are denied international intervention here, of course they are going to say that they are disappoined. At least they can prove their "arguments" with facts; news and images, but not by the, "This is anti-semitic" childish argument.
Please, don't undermine people's suffering. Palestinians are now put in big open-air ghetto-prisons by the Israeli Occupation. However, they are not criminals. Definitely, not like those u push around in your jail. - correct me if I understood u wrong -
By the way, according to Human Rights and international resolutions, Israel - not just thinks like a criminal - IS a WAR CRIMINAL.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting what the Assistant Village Idiot has to say... MMMM... let's think it over and compare to other situations... Jews are always claiming they were the victims of Holocaust. Maybe it was their fault. Armenians. Sure it was their fault if 1,5000.000 were killed by turks. Or homosexuals, or women, or vietnamese... So maybe victims are victims only because they deserve it, and then no one is to blame for victimising other people. It really makes sense, doesn't it?