As we sat for our meal, at a time when almost every Palestinian is having their Iftar with their family, the rather familiar noise of gun fire broke the silence of iftar time. Then a large explosion shook the windows. It was easy to predict what was happening. They must have figured out someone was having his Iftar with his family, and came in to arrest him. They would not mind sending in 10 armoured jeeps and a Caterp(K)iller buldozer to do the necessary if need be. they would not mind if their incursion would lead to the death (or rather murder) of one or ten Palestinians.
This arrogance they show can only cause my disgust. Yes we know you are powerful, but that is all you are. You are not right, not just, not peaceful, not friendly... only powerful.

It is nice to share what Ahron Shabtai wrote on the Lebanon war, and what no Israeli paper would publish for him:

In time of war
I side with the villages
with the mosques
in this war
I side with the Shiite family
with Sour (Tyre)
with the mother
with the grandfather
with the eight kids in the mini van
with the white silken headscarf".
In the name of the beautiful books I read
in the name of the kisses I kissed
May the army be defeated

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