In one glimpse, it was the Gmex's big clock its Arch-shape, I could remember jumping over the tram way following her, going to the Quays the time when she lost her tram ticket and we all were forced off by the inspector because she thought we were lying about buying a ticket.
I could tell it is the Labour Conference. And Blair's long struggle to stay in power. but anyway, that's of minor concern to almost everyone here.
Claude, seemed like the master of the evening. It was a nice thing to sit with a Harvard professor who could clearly identify the problem with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as one of ideology. So long as people talk of a God (or is it G-d) given right to the land. A lousy justification for an institutionalised apartheid that is supported by the whole world.
He said that a two state solution is just not feasible. There might be calm but the conflict will go on until exhaustion... While the Palestinians cannot get more exhausted, they really have nothing to give up. Absolutely nothing to concede. Correct me if I am wrong, but what CAN a Palestinian government offer that would end the bloodshed, the damage to the environment and the infrastucture etc.. It is not as if there are Palestinian check points at the entrance to Modi'in or that their police force/ army conducts frequent raids to arrest the residents of Mi'ah Sh'arim. Nor is it that the Palestinians are building a wall annexing HaSharon or diverting the water from Lake Kinneret.
So even though the Palestinians are exhausted, they have nothing to give up really, except the shacks in Ein El-Hilweh and the road in Beit Ur. It is the Israelis who have to get exhausated, maybe exhaustion could bring them back to their senses!
on another note, Nasreen. For years I have been trying to put religion and a framework that makes it logical, a flawless way to understand how God created the world, and why we are asked to do these acts. I have given up, not thinking about it, but following without it making full sense to me. I should write about "23 Years" by Ali Dishti- promise to do it soon.

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