Amman Day2
So finally, I had a bright idea: “ there is no reason on earth, the guests at the Amman Four Seasons should give up their lunch or afternoon tea because it is Ramadan!” so I moved from where I was looking for food, and hired a cab to the Four Seasons. The cab driver thought I was that rich person from Palestine who would only stay at five stars luxury hotels. He initially thought I am a Palestinian from Israel and started boasting his little knowledge of Hebrew.
Anyway, I am sat here with a group of Americans with their annoying accent in front of me filling the room with loud laughter and stupid discussions. My initial thought is that they must be one of those Iraq reconstruction groups who are based in Jordan and do basically nothing.
I look at the menu, the prices are incredible !!!! Ten Euros for some of the sandwiches. I am lucky that the vegetarian option is a lot cheaper .
So I decide to do some work, I pull out my laptop and I open the document…
I never liked staying in Amman. I feel that I am worlds apart from this place. While on the topic, I feel that I belong to nowhere and everywhere on this planet at the same time. Every place I have been to has the culture and lifestyle that I might like to experience, while it has its down side that keeps me at a distance. Amman, however, lacks any appealing side. I usually lay the blame on the fact that Amman is always linked to my family members who, despite being very nice, do not enjoy the same things in life that I do. That’s why I have never been around Jordan, visiting places, historic sites or natural landmarks. I would like to go camping in Rum, a part of the Jordanian desert which in my point of view is spectacular. But none of the people I know here know how to get there or have the interest in doing so. So, my plan is: 1- get a driving license (something I kept putting off for 8 years now); 2- save up little money (you don’t need a lot for this trip; 3- come to Jordan without telling anyone I am here; 4- find my way to [ok I have to say this: this place is getting on my nerves I am not used to people trying their best to serve me like this: coming over ever 5 minutes to check if everything is fine, apologising for a 2 minute delay on my order, and presenting a silver tray with assorted newspapers for my pleasure reading- if they only knew I am only here for the lack of other places in town!] Rum and do it!.


elena said...

"J'arrive en ce lieu où la terre est inconnue sous mes pieds.

J'arrive en ce lieu où le ciel est nouveau par-dessus ma tête.

J'arrive en cette terre qui sera ma demeure...

O Esprit de la terre, l'Etranger t'offre son coeur, en aliment pour toi."

Paul Gauguin

When I travel, I always try to look the people I meet, the culture I try to know, the country I want to visit, with astonishment, with surprise (as a child) ... there is always something new you can find...

PS: Gauguin painted also the famous
"Soyez amoureuses et vous serez heureuses. Soyez mystérieuses et vous serez heureuses."
I think you can use it also for males.... :)

Zayna said...

Ha ha I know what u mean about Amman - my family there is the same, and I always feel like they suspect I will steal something the way shop assistants are shadowing me and asking questions the minute I enter the shop! I still miss it though, not been for over a year!