I am usually very negative when it comes to discussing the way Palestinians act. But sometimes I feel obliged to talk about certain things which fill me with pride.
I look generally at the situation in Palestine and I find that despite the conflict, the occupation, the continuous humuliation there are always some individuals and organisation which continue to work for the development of Palestine. At certain times you find a passionate committment not merely to the Palestinian cause, but also to creating an improvement on one front of another of substantial impact.
Of these organisations I would like to mention Maan News (www.maannews.com), Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees (www.PARC.org), many departments and centres of Birzeit University (www.birzeit.edu), Edward Said National Conservatory of Music and various businesses, civil society organisations and active individuals. I think with this kind of determination, the initiatives undertaken by these actors can have an impact on the development of Palestine and possibly the resolution of the conflict in a manner that achieves justice and peace.
I talk about this now because it has just hit me that despite all the chaos around me, the work of these people is what actually makes it a joy for me to live in Palestine.

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