The country has never seen worse times than these. Gaza is witnessing the black smoke which might be signalling a civil war. However, what is worse is what is happening in Ramallah. The relatively peaceful city of the West Bank, is seeing daily presence of armed groups, shooting in the air, vandalism and bullying.
What is happening may not qualify to be a civil war. After all, in a war, antagonists should have a goal for which they fight, whether explicitly or implicitly. Here, there is no goal, this is Chaos.
So many young people have left the country since Hamas came into office. Only God would know how many of those are intent on staying in whatever country to which they have arrived.
Gangs of armed men patrol the streets. In Gaza, the situation Zaher described is reminiscent of the stories of Lebanon in the 70's and 80's: checkpoint after checkpoint, Fateh, Hamas, new "Executive Force"- or what is called the Palestinian Peshmerga etc...
In Ramallah, I have been hearing gun fire, and now, past midnight explosions.
Neither Fateh nor Hamas are able to lead us anywhere. At least not under these circumnstance. They both should resign, whoever gets elected should come in with a mandate to rid the streets of all those who kill us while claiming to fight for our independence.


steve said...

Sad,but need I point out that for some reason having to do with sheer blind hatred and ignorance, the Pals ELECTED a terrorist organization to run the government?

It is hard to have much sympathy,though your post makes it clear that everyone is not equally quilty.

When are the next elections? Or has Hamas abolished them yet?

Anonymous said...

... and of course, all that Gaza needs for the economic blockade to be lifted is for Hamas to say that *gasp!* maybe, just maybe, Israel doesn't have to be destroyed.

If that is too hard for the government elected by the people, then I am afraid that the people got what they deserved.

Ned said...

very sweet of the both of you. Afterall, what else could i expect of racist zionists.
Anyway, lets compare Hamas vs. the zionists who is more evil.
1. both claim a national homeland by religious right.
2. both deny the other's right to be.
3. both kill for their beliefs.

However, if there was a world championship for murder... Hamas is way down the list... no one beats Zionists now a days.

Anonymous said...

Ned it wasnt smart comparing Hamas with Zionist, for many reasons that first, and second, tell the two sweet persons who think that Hamas is the evil to think for a while about their countries !!!

natan said...

In my opinion it is a two way street. Right now Israeli society is run a semi military style where most males must do their service on a regular basis for the sake of security of the states meaning protecting what's been grabbed by force of with a help of ''agreements''.

From another hand Palestinians respond to that attitude with theirs play of force....Hamas, Islamic Jihad and bunch of others....

Neither side wants to step down from a way of destruction. Political and military. Jews are being called Zionists which resembles in the minds of Palestinians the worst of all evils. Palestinians are all terrorists in the eyes of Israeli majority.

Israel wants to bake more citizens out from other Jews( Russian, French, American...etc.) Hamas goal is to get rid of Zionist state.

Meanwhile in other countries such as Canada, USA, England...etc....Jewish and Palestinians( both Muslims and Christians) live normal lives. They may not love each other but those countries laws create solid grounds for every religion and nationality to co exist in peace.

It's not the best comparison but maybe Israeli/Palestinian governments should treat each other similar way. It would mean treamendous concessions and creating security to prevent troublemakes from both sides causing havoc.

In this case Israel will have to compensate Palestinian refugees and their descendants with a help of international community and probably resettle some/many of them the same way they encourage Jews from all over the world to settle down in Israel. It will mean that Israeli government has to recognize Nakba.

A real problem is to how manage a balancing way between Jewish immigration. Actually most Jewish people living outside Israel harldy need any protection. So a basis of immigration can be changed. It's a very tentative issue of course.

I can see that whoever wants to come to another country sholdn't aim at becoming a religious/national majority otherwise the minority will have an issue with that.

steve said...

Charming, ned.Just when I think that there are citizens of Gaza who are decent people and for whom I should feel sorry, you disabuse me of that perception with this "Zionist rascist" garbage.

Never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity, do you? Blaming others and attacking reasonable people will continue to get you (as a group) the sewer you seem to have earned and deserve.

I wonder if there are sensible kindly non-hate-filled people living there. No sign of it from you.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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