Steve was let down. Just when he though I was a decent, reasonable man after my last post, It seems I proved him wrong with my comments. Of course, he expects that people shoudl be reasonable, which, in his lexicon is another way of saying supporting the mainstream Zionist story of the conflict.
So he is reasonable because he can tell that I talk a load of "garbage" and that me and my people have earned and deserved a sewer. It is strange to put his words into context especially when he talks of "non-hate-filled" arguments.
I don't criticise people, events and institutions because i am so hate-filled. I do so because I truly believe they are wrong. Was it Hamas, Fateh, Labour, Likud, Kadima or any other party or government, I believe I should be able to say what I think is wrong.
I don't criticise Hamas because I support Israel or criticise Israel because I am all for Hamas... Things are not that black and white.


Anonymous said...

can you please get in touch with me? Thanks Giovanni B,

steve said...

Listen carefully, ned, and try to understand.Hamas IS a terrorist organzation,and branded so by all modern intelligent civilized people. They consciously target little kids, women old people,people in religious services. This is not an accident while attacking military targets; it is on purpose. They are scum, killers, cowards, despicable.

Now I know you don't support them--you've said so-- but they were ELECTED by the Palestinians.That mean that THEY support them,and the hardship that the Pals now endure is a direct and justifiable result of that action.

All the Pals have to do is quit whining and blaming others,choose peace, recognize Isreel as a sovereign rightful nation and turn in all that are planning violence.

The world would reach out, support them, help them if they did. But there is no sign of that--who elected these terrorists but the majority?--and so they are doomed to a wretched existence.

Sorry. Their actions are barbaric, hate-filled, self-pitying, ignorant and stupid. Actions have consequences. You seem like a decent guy. If so,I suggest relocation to a decent country with civilized decent people. You don't have it there, and probably won't...ever.

I an not a "racist Zionist", as you foolishly called me for having a different view than yours.I am rational civilized man, and a country (usually) gets the government it deserves. As have the Pals. You see the results. They've earned them.