Steve's arguments continue to present a strong Zionist influence. I am going to present them here and argue against each of them:
  1. Listen carefully, ned, and try to understand.Hamas IS a terrorist organzation,and branded so by all modern intelligent civilized people. They consciously target little kids, women old people,people in religious services. This is not an accident while attacking military targets; it is on purpose. They are scum, killers, cowards, despicable.

Let us start with “what is a terrorist organisation?” I assume the widley circulated definition of terror is “the systematic use, or threatened use, of violence to intimidate a population or government and thereby effect political, religious or ideological change.” (Wikipedia.org).

So Hamas can easily fit under this definition since it allows for no exclusions, does it? However, by the same token, Israel is guilty of the same deeds, they “consciously target” residential building knowing that these are inhabited by people of all ages. The Israelis should themselves, more than once, willing to break into places of worship and attack worshippers. The do this on purpose, fully knowing that innocent civilian non-combatants are going to be killed in the process. The fact that they are dressed in khakis should not change the more important fact that Israeli soldiers have killed patients in ambulances, school children in their classrooms mothers in their homes, kids playing in the fields. My suggestion here, is, as the Arabic saying goes, “if you live in a glass-house, don't throw stones at people's houses.” The Israeli military (which happens to include more than 70% of the population), is a more despicable bunch of scum, killers and cowards than any other group in modern history.

  1. Now I know you don't support them--you've said so-- but they were ELECTED by the Palestinians. That mean that THEY support them,and the hardship that the Pals now endure is a direct and justifiable result of that action.

    The fact that Hamas was elected was really a shock to Hamas itself. It does not have anything to do with the amount of support the have on ground. But even though, Allowing yourself to say that Palestinians deserve closures, blockade and sanctions because of this is really a result of a racist mentality. Primarily because you would be opposed to the same types of sanctions being placed on Israel. Let's consider for example Sharon's government, the prime minister himself has a track record of participating in crimes against humanity. He was elected by the Israeli people BECAUSE of this record. Israelis took pride in his “Bulldozer” nickname and later called him “Erik the King of Israel”. By your own logic, Israelis should go through the same plight as a punishment for their support to a “terrorist”. But, NO! You would not dare say that, after all, Israeli blood is worth more than Palestinian blood (or any other goyim blood for that matter).

  1. All the Pals have to do is quit whining and blaming others,choose peace, recognize Isreel as a sovereign rightful nation and turn in all that are planning violence.
    The world would reach out, support them, help them if they did. But there is no sign of that--who elected these terrorists but the majority?--and so they are doomed to a wretched existence.

Palestinians were actually the first to chose peace. They were true to the idea since 1993, what did Israel do in return? Steal more land, kill more people, force more humiliation. Anyone living under these condition is likely to explode, that is exactly what happened with the Palestinians. The world never reached out, not then and definitely not now! It continued to do us lip-service when in fact they would support- or at least allow- Israel in doing all she has been doing.

  1. Sorry. Their actions are barbaric, hate-filled, self-pitying, ignorant and stupid. Actions have consequences. You seem like a decent guy. If so,I suggest relocation to a decent country with civilized decent people. You don't have it there, and probably won't...ever.
    Barbaric? You don't even know what barbaric is. Go to Nablus, Steve, see what you have to do to enter the city. Stay in Rafah for a couple of days, and enjoying ducking to avoid shells. Try posing as a Palestinian going to work in Israel, experience the ultimate humiliation, stripping naked in public just to go to work. Try surviving a one-tonne bomb falling over your building, or try living in Gaza with the 8-hours electricity rations. Try sending your kids to a school in Hebron to learn two hours later that they have been killed by an army shell.

    This is what Barbaric is Steve. No one can do this unless they are hate-filled. Actions have consequences for the weak only, for the powerful they only feed their power and with it their appetite to oppress more.

  1. I an not a "racist Zionist", as you foolishly called me for having a different view than yours.I am rational civilized man, and a country (usually) gets the government it deserves. As have the Pals. You see the results. They've earned them.

I am sorry you are a racist zionist. For, to start with, if you are Zionist then you are inherently racist. And so long as you see that Israel's right to exist as a country serving the Jews of the world, at the cost of those who live on the land, then that is racist and Zionist too.
In the Past, when there was some sense in the world, Zionism was equated with racism. The grounds for such an equation are even stronger now. But since the world lost its bearing after the cold war, this equation does not hold anymore in International terms, but it does in every action that Israel and its supporters take.


Anonymous said...

The US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, met with the Israeli Foreign Minister, Tzipi Livni on Thursday: "Economic sanctions on Hamas are effective and successful"
from Ma'an News, 6.10.06

This is not politics, it's murder.

steve said...

ned, ned, ned..I can see that you are filled with hate,blaming others for the failures and problems of the Pals,buying into the propaganda of those who lack your education and intellect,and influenced by testosterone and lack of understanding.I have been to war--real war. It is not glorious, and only makes sense when the other side would not stop fighting if you did. That is not the case with Israel, which only wants to be let alone to be even more of what they are and what the sad Pals wil probably never be--a successful country.

The per-capita income in resource-poor Israel is US $21,000,which is TEN TIMES that of the oil-rich Middle East Muslim countries. Without oil, those failed countries would be at, uh, maybe two shekels. Israel’s high-technology industry, second only to California’s Silicon Valley in concentration of firms, has powered great economic growth and attracted massive Foreign Direct Investment to the country. Now, why is that? Not hate,as you foolishly allege.They don't hate;they work hard to do better, to get more education, to succeed. And it is certainly not charity from anyone, as with the Pals. Buinessses invest based on hard reasoning and expected returns. Rather, Israel does very well due solely to an intelligent hard-working well-educated world force.

Israel today ranks third in the world in the number of university graduates per capita, after the United States and the Netherlands. It possesses the highest per capita number of scientists in the world, publishes the highest number of scientific papers per capita.

Measured against the performance of other countries that gained independence after World War II, Israel’s economic success has been nothing short of remarkable.They have created a modern prosperous sustanable industrial economy rivaling those of any Western European country,and done it with no resources other than intellect, hard work, and education while Mideast Muslim countries have failed, failed, failed in adjusting to modern life.

If the Pals would quit blaming others and quit whining, cease fighting and turn in their violence-prone terrorists to be jailed,they would have a good chance at a successful peaceful country. But based on your deranged intolerant hate-filled response,they won't. Enjoy your sewer,your poverty, your crime and gun battles in the street. It isn't Israel's, the US', or "Zionism's" fault. It's yours. All of it. I guess you deserve it. Too bad. I wish nothing bad to any decent person. I wish you were different, more like Israel, but it is what it is.

Nasreen said...

Ned - why do u bother with the ramblings of this racist idiot?

Ned said...

Well, Nasreen, the thing with this people is that they believe they have a strong case for supporting Israel. I just try to prove how weak their case is.