From now on, Jordan is only the road Shuna- Seventh Circle- Airport. No more Jordan... for a very very very long time. Not only frowns but Bureaucracy. For my sister to get married she needs a document from the health ministry, a paper from the Intelligence, The directorate of Alien Registration and Border Control and the consent of a judge to allow her to marry without her father, and a "lack of objections" document.... oh my god- they could have also asked for a paper from the Palestinian and American embassies and a permit from the king...
Well, thank god that with such bureaucracy you also get a strong influence for connections... so a star on the shoulder can do wonders :). My cousin, who is a police officer, had just a sufficient rank to help us avoid all this paper work... and two days of trips to all the courts around Amman and Zarqa could have actually been replaced with my cousin and half an hour of his time.
It is not always pleasant to use connections like that- but it is more unpleasant to have laws that make marriage more like a nightmare rather than a celebration.

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