There are few images that represent unrelenting defiance to oppression. When the subject comes to mind, the footage of a lone man standing infront of a line of tanks on their way to Tian An Men, to repress the democracy movement of June 1989 in China is one image that springs to mind.
Yesterday, in Gaza, 200 women marched up to the half destroyed mosque of Beit Hanoun to allow 15 stranded Palestinians the chance to leave. They passed through tanks and helicopter fire and were able to release those stranded in the mosque. Two of the women were killed. Of course non of them had any guns, yet their main strength came from the thought of giving a chance for life to their sons, brothers or fathers held up at the mosque.
Acts of bravery are not accounted by carrying guns and killing people. Their essence is how to defy all odds to reach a humane result.


Anonymous said...

Good show Ned

thecutter said...

Yes, the brave women of Palestine are a model to us all. May they find the peace they deserve.

Anonymous said...

Maybe those brave women could stand in front of those who launch rockets at Israel, or they could march and free the boy who was kidnapped over the summer.

But, nah, better to march to save gunmen. The goal isn't peace here, just another chance for Palestinians to show that they would rather die than live in peace.