Anywhere around the world, we have this passion, yearning and maybe in some cases nostalgia, for everything that has not been touch by humans. We travel across countries to watch the vast empty land in the Grand Canyon, the Gobi Desert or Wadi Rum… or even the English country side. We grow up in villages, or in outskirts of big cities and love to go for walk in the afternoon in the wilderness.
We treasure these experiences, because we, in our limited recognition of the life around us we see metamorphosis of infinity itself in these areas… How can you dream that at the end of this infinity there can be a wall? A long grey wall that blocks the view of the rest of infinity! How can a wall block it for you, whether in Bilín or Kiryat Sefer.
Today, as I was going to Jericho from Ramallah, it suddenly hit me exactly what they are trying to do. They don't want us to travel on the same roads they travel at, the don't want us to access this vast wilderness. There are few roads around Ramallah which are now shared Israeli/Palestinian roads. One of them is the road to Jericho. As we were attempting to get out of the city, we were ordered back, and forced to take a backroute, one which does not pass on any roads used by Israelis. looking at the map after I got to office. It was all clear: Jericho's east side is to be cut off completely for Palestinians, this means that the back route will connect Palestinian population centres together without intersecting with Israeli Roads. Where the two road networks intersect a system of fences, tunnels and watchtowers will be used to ensure that Palestinian roads pass from below the Israeli ones and the no Palestinians will go on the Israelis-only roads.
Starting January A new law will come into force making it illegal for a car with Israeli license plates to load Palestinian passengers.
So much frustration, anger and helplessness are turning my stomach now. I discovered that this exactly is the recipe for a suicide bomber. I thought about it yesterday, suicide bombers are not doing it to liberate Palestine, or to kill jews, or to go to heaven or any of that crap we are always told. They do it, because it is the only way they can get some attention to what is happening over here. I sometimes feel that I need to get this attention from people, and have them watch what is happening here. The Israelis are looking for as much peace as their landgrab can facilitate. And if there strategies should mean an eternal war here... they are willing to do it.
Back to suicide bombers: Don't worry, Would never do it- I have a blog to write.

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