If the greeks were still here, they will for sure have created a goddess for technology. Since I was young, 10 or so, I never thought I owuld actually see the person who sung Riji' IlChai (The Brother is Back), Rummaneh (Pommegrenade), and Ya Zahr Irruman (Pommegrenade Flower) live. Samih Choukeir, is a Syrian Singer who have made it to the heart of millions of young Palestinians through the Eighties and Ninties.
For one hour and fifteen minutes, the whole length of the satellite connection established between Ramallah and Beirut tonight, Choukeir has forced Palestinians out of their seats in the Ramallah Cultural Palace. No hand did not clap for his music, and no mouth did not sing his words.
He started off with Law Rahal Sawti:
If my voice has gone away,
Your throats will not,
If the singer is gone,
The songs remain
to join the hearts broken by suffering.
If he left, hope will remain.

and he made sure to point at each one of us when he sung:
Between me and my people,
a stone-throw length,
The length of a horse jump,
a stride over the barbed wires
and another over the helmets of the guards..

a song which hundreds of thousands identified with in the Golan and which we still identify with it more, here in Palestine as the wall is continuously separating us from our people on the other side.

In short, a superb evening. Despite it all, we can still live and enjoy life here.

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...and hope will remain ...